A Wonderful Week of Thanksgiving

It’s been a truly wonderful week of thanksgiving for my family! We’ve been down staying with my parents, about 40 minutes outside of Portland, OR, cooking, playing, dancing, making things…being awesome, generally!

We embraced our inner ducks to play outside:

We collected cool leaves to dry (though we truthfully forgot to dry them – but the gathering and exploration of all the different shapes and colors was great fun in and of itself)20121123-131548.jpg

We cooked delicious food together. Here, my dad (Pops) and Silas work on pizzas for lunch. 🙂

I made this ridiculously good Spinach Artichoke Dip for snacking – I think this one will become a holiday regular!20121123-131600.jpg

My wonderful husband surprised me with these super wicked awesome dino knee socks (and yes, the dinos are saying, “RAR!”)20121123-131529.jpg

My father-in-law, husband and Silas put together this amazing cardboard giraffe – it walks when you turn the crank! Thanks, Uncle Paul, for sending it to us!20121123-131618.jpg

And of course, there was a lot of dancing!20121123-131635.jpg

Lady Gaga (Bad Romance) is always a really big hit around here20121123-131652.jpg

There was also some dressing up in matching outfits for little boys – something they LOVE to do (which kind of kills me)! They are BIG fans of fancy clothes. 🙂 20121123-131726.jpg

And there was a Santa Sighting20121123-131740.jpg

And a family jam session with my dad and Uncle Tim20121123-131755.jpg

And proof that I participated: my swollen fingertips. Boy do I need to play more! I’m so outta practice. 20121123-131804.jpg

And now we’re off to take Silas to Wreck-It Ralph. I just love seeing movies in the theater!

I hope you all had wonderful holidays!


Radical Homemaking of Late

We’ve been so enjoying Chad having Fridays off during the summer – the three day weekend is where it’s at!  Weekends are more spacious, we feel like we have room to do errands AND relax, and all around it just feels so much more balanced.


dudes, snoozin’

One way we’ve been taking advantage of the extra time is by ramping up our radical homemaking projects.  By radical homemaking I mean those activities that are both productive and soul-gratifying; they are a move away from the status quo of consumerism and embrace domestic tasks with a joyful, adventurous heart.  There is also quite a bit of reveling in the fruits of one’s labor.

Here’s a little photo tour of the past weekend’s activities.


The weekend started out with homemade sourdough waffles with yogurt, CSA peaches and u-pick blueberries. I personally think this was the key to the success of the entire weekend. 😉


We made use of the sunshine and clothesline. Mmmm…the smell of line-dried clothes cannot be beat!


Then we made a trip to a park to pick blackberries (free!)


That evening, we made some sidewalk chalk paint


Oooh, pretty colors. 🙂


Meanwhile, in the dining room, sauerkraut was being prepped


Saturday: blackberry cobbler!


And blackberry freezer jam!


We also picked the ripe plums from the tree in our backyard


The plum haul.  Have I mentioned that I *love* free food?!

I also grabbed some red clover to dry for tea.


Some plums were destined for fermented plum leather


Some plums became really delicious chutney!


The cobbler was SO good! Especially with vanilla ice cream.


And on Sunday, we made our first batch of (hula) hoops!  You can, too!


The fun thing about making your own hoops is that you can experiment with the size! And of course, decorate them how you want.

We started lactofermenting two quarts of dilly pickled carrots

Sunday evening, Silas and Chad busted out the build-your-own Simon Says game they got at the Maker Faire earlier this year and BUILT it. With a soldering iron.

All in all, it was a very productive, very *FUN* weekend!