DPP Day 6: Gingerbread House

Something that Silas has wanted to do for a long time that we’ve never managed to make happen is making his own gingerbread house. So this morning, when I walked into Trader Joe’s and was greeted by a self-contained kit for $7.99, I knew we had a winner! We made a last minute substitution to the advent calendar line-up, and away we went.

The kit is really cute, requiring only an egg white and a few drops of vinegar to mix up the frosting (and it even comes with its own pastry bag thing to pipe the frosting!)

Needless to say, much fun was had, many candies were sampled, and all in all, it was a big hit.



DPP Day 5: Downtown Holiday Extravaganza!

I wrote yesterday how we’re doing an experiential advent calendar this year (which I plan to write more about eventually, because it is SO fun!)

One of the experiences we included was a trip to downtown Seattle to take in some of the city’s holiday spirit! We did this with friends last year, and it was a blast, so we decided to do it again. We hit up the gingerbread houses at the Sheraton, the Teddy Bear Suite at the Fairmont, and the carousel twice!20121205-200249.jpg

This kid. He LOVES the holidays. He was positively giddy when we were walking through Nordstrom to meet our friends – skipping, counting all the christmas trees, and exclaiming with wonder and joy the whole time. His joy is truly my joy.

DPP Day 4: Experiential Advent Calendar


We decided to try making our own experiential advent calendar this year. Silas is not a chocolate fan, and those Lego/Playmobil calendars are so darn spendy (and I’m not sure that 2 1/2 year old August would really get those).

We have something planned for every day until Christmas Eve. Some are big (tomorrow we’re going on a Downtown Seattle Extravaganza, seeing the gingerbread houses at the Sheraton, the Teddy Bear Suite, carousel, and more). Some are small – today Silas got instructions printed out to build a Lego Christmas Tree (out of Legos we already have). We also wrapped our holiday books and we open one per day.

There have been some stumbles (like planning to do salt dough ornaments today and not getting around to it) but so far, it’s so fun. Silas is obsessed with holidays (all of them), so having a little something to look forward to everyday is really giving him something to focus on, instead of just obsessing about when Christmas is.

Aug is just along for the ride, having fun, opening books at the wrong time, taking ornaments off the tree and declaring, “Here this is!” Thanks, buddy. We were looking for that. 🙂