Scholastic Book Club: Available to Homeschoolers!

Who else used to loooooove when the Scholastic Book Club flyers made their way through the class room?  I loved it as a student, and I loved it (briefly) as a parent when we participated in a co-op preschool with Silas.  I thought my days of poring over brightly colored pages and receiving a magic package of discounted books were over when we became homeschoolers.

But no!  You, too, can participate in Scholastic Book Club (now called Scholastic Reading Club – don’t ask me why), even as homeschoolers!

It’s not the most straightforward thing on earth, but it’s easy enough to do.

Step 1: Head over to the page and create a TEACHER account (don’t do a parent account).

Step 2: Now, believe me, I know this is painful, but is HAS to be done; pick up your phone and dial 1-800-497-8291 to speak to one of Scholastic’s verification agents, so that they can verify you and your homeschool are actually real.  I really, really, really hate talking on the phone, and I cringed BIG time when I realized it was required.  But!  It took me 5 minutes, tops, and the agent was VERY nice. BONUS: You get to make up a name for your “school.”  You’ve been warned, so make it count!

That’s it! Now you have access to all the discounted Scholastic Books!  You can view their flyers online or order print fliers to be mailed to you (or if you don’t love the nostalgia of the fliers like I do, you can just search for books like you would at Amazon.  You can also browse by grade level or reading level).

Do your friends and family like to give books as gifts to your kids? You can send an email invitation, which includes your magic Class Activation Code, to anyone to join your class. I emailed my mom and grandmother invitations, because they love to buy books for the boys.  Even better, you can create wishlists for your class, too, which streamlines the whole “What do they like/do you need?” question.

Happy Reading!

Do you participate in any discount programs as homeschoolers? What do you recommend?