FM Victory!

I just had to pop in here and share this victorious photo. Silas and his friend H. like to make things with Snap Circuits when they play sometimes. If you haven’t heard of or played with snap circuits, you are in for a TREAT. They have lots of smaller, affordable kits to check them out and see if you like them, and then they have the big kahuna kits which have LOTS of pieces and LOTS of projects to try. We have the really big one, the 750 piece one (I couldn’t find a link to the exact one, ours came with a great hard plastic carrying case that organizes all the pieces, too).

So the boys have been interested in building an FM Radio for a while. They tried it a couple of weeks ago, and somehow it didn’t work (though a really cool solar-powered fan did!). They decided to give it another try yesterday.

I should mention: these kids are just starting to read. They relied on the photos in the project booklet to build the radio themselves. I checked it over at the very end and found one tiny piece that needed to be added, but other than that they did the whole thing themselves.

And it worked. We danced to Kesha in celebration!



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