A lovely, unscheduled day

In the past few months we’ve gotten into the groove of having something scheduled almost every day of the week. Some days it’s just a playdate with friend, some days it’s outdoor “school”, some days it’s our day at the community center for homeschool classes, sometimes it’s a park day. I’ve never been so attached to my calendar! And it’s really brought home the funny notion that I used to boggle over when my kids were younger, “Why is it called ‘homeschooling’ if we are never home?” I understand that sentiment now.

One of the things I used to worry about when Silas was a toddler and we were contemplating homeschooling was being bored. Not having enough to do. Because, really, I think we were bored a little when he was that age. We had just moved to Seattle when he was two, and no matter how proactive one is, it still takes time to build community and make those connections.

The point is: we aren’t bored much now.

But it was so lovely to have this day appear yesterday where we had NOTHING planned (except gymnastics in the late afternoon, but I’m not even counting it!). No playdates, parks, or classes. Free to do as we pleased.

After a semi-disastrous trip to the YMCA where the kids got to play in the gym and I go to dance (there was some disagreement about leaving and deals were struck and broken, and well, you know how that goes), we got to come home and figure out what to do with ourselves.
It started with a snack picnic in the backyard. And some books were read, too.


Then we tried our hands at writing our names in hieroglyphs, inspired by Pepi and the Secret Names.

And after that, a dance party was in order!

Which evolved into some awesome free box play. Empty boxes FTW!



And then we decided it was time to head to the beach. I am SO incredibly grateful to live 3 minutes from the beach. I love it.

There were *three* driftwood shelters! Silas designated each for a special thing (sleeping, cooking, slaughtering animals [??!!])

A dead crab to study

And just take a deep breath. Exhale. Life is good.


FM Victory!

I just had to pop in here and share this victorious photo. Silas and his friend H. like to make things with Snap Circuits when they play sometimes. If you haven’t heard of or played with snap circuits, you are in for a TREAT. They have lots of smaller, affordable kits to check them out and see if you like them, and then they have the big kahuna kits which have LOTS of pieces and LOTS of projects to try. We have the really big one, the 750 piece one (I couldn’t find a link to the exact one, ours came with a great hard plastic carrying case that organizes all the pieces, too).

So the boys have been interested in building an FM Radio for a while. They tried it a couple of weeks ago, and somehow it didn’t work (though a really cool solar-powered fan did!). They decided to give it another try yesterday.

I should mention: these kids are just starting to read. They relied on the photos in the project booklet to build the radio themselves. I checked it over at the very end and found one tiny piece that needed to be added, but other than that they did the whole thing themselves.

And it worked. We danced to Kesha in celebration!