DPP Day 6: Gingerbread House

Something that Silas has wanted to do for a long time that we’ve never managed to make happen is making his own gingerbread house. So this morning, when I walked into Trader Joe’s and was greeted by a self-contained kit for $7.99, I knew we had a winner! We made a last minute substitution to the advent calendar line-up, and away we went.

The kit is really cute, requiring only an egg white and a few drops of vinegar to mix up the frosting (and it even comes with its own pastry bag thing to pipe the frosting!)

Needless to say, much fun was had, many candies were sampled, and all in all, it was a big hit.



3 thoughts on “DPP Day 6: Gingerbread House

  1. I love this photo project idea. Having a really hard time getting ungrinched this year–and of course having to try for the kiddies–you’re almost inspiring me to get off my grinch butt and get a gingerbread house. Almost…

    • Do it! I sort of always dread crafts with my kids (especially ones where they have a specific end goal in mind) because they’re so messy, there’s so much potential for fighting and I just generally feel overwhelmed managing everyone’s expectations (including my own). But this was truly low key. I piped the icing, they decorated and ate candy, and everyone was happy. 🙂

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