Spirits of Joy: Day Three


I am Harvesting Honey. Not *a* harvesting honey. No. One of my super powers is one of distillation and synthesis – of taking in information, ideas, words, feelings, sounds. Driving to the heart of it all – and then producing something new, out of the old.

My husband always tells me this about myself:

You are so good at synthesizing things, bringing disparate ideas together in a new way, making connections that I’ve never considered.

Love him.

But I have a way (that trained middle school girl in me) of disowning and disbelieving those compliments. My internal monologue goes something like:

Nah. Everyone can do that. You’re just saying that. Aw, that’s sweet. But probably not true.

But I’m trying to step into the possibility that this is true (and other nice things that people say about me).

So here I am: a truth synthesizer, an idea mixer, a transformer of basic elements into something more than their constituent parts: a honey harvester.


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