Spirits of Joy

I’m participating in Hannah Marcotti‘s lovely Spirits of Joy course right now, and I’m so thrilled with how much fun the kids and I are having with our morning art time. I know it’s only day 2, but I hope we can keep the momentum going for the month of October and maybe even beyond!

As a way to break the stalemate I have been having with posting lately*, I’m going to commit to posting a photo of the process/product of the Spirits of Joy prompts. Here we go!

Day 1

Silas, working on his own homemade book. Wow, art projects look messy during the making!

My finished product.

Day 2

We took the mess making to the living room floor, which gave everyone a lot more room to explore.

Cutting is so soothing

Silas, exploring body art

My day two finished product.

*I really really want to post and connect with all y’all…but as a polymath, it’s so so hard for me to choose one subject! I’m all over the place these days, as usual, with many candles burning, none more brightly than the others so it’s hard to choose THIS candle! I’ll write about this one! Also, as I sat down to write this, I’m realizing that I’m really good at posting – when someone else gives me an assignment. Weird! Thanks, 19 years of schooling! Wow, something to explore another time.


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