What if I were to tell you…

In July I took a risk and enrolled in the online writing class Telling True Stories with the fabulous Laurie Wagner. I decided to post a few of the pieces I wrote here over the next little while, both because I like how they turned out AND to freshen up this stale little blog a little (ripping the band-aid off the no-posting-habit, so to speak, in a low pressure way).

I loved Laurie’s class – it gave me great prompts to explore my life and a fun supportive online community to give and receive feedback. Lots of fun and I plan on doing another of her classes, soon!

The first assignment was to write with the prompt “What if I told you…?”


What if I told you that my father has dreamed the future? That one night he dreamed of his Uncle Rick, dead for years, sitting at a bar. When my father asked what he was doing there, Uncle Rick replied, “I’m here for your father.” What if I told you that my parents were woken later that night by a phone call, that my grandfather had died unexpectedly that night after a routine procedure in the hospital?

What if I were to tell you that a dream of my own changed my life? I dreamed of being married to a man I had met recently, we were expecting a baby, and I was filled with what can only be described as divine peace, unbelievable happiness. What if I told you that I woke up from that dream and knew, down to my core, that my five-year relationship was finally, finally over and that I would leave. What if I were to tell you that I lived through two of the longest days of my life between waking up with that knowing and actually leaving? That I stayed those two days for the sake of my friendship with his sister, who we had been planning to visit for months for her 21st birthday that weekend? What if I were to tell you that on the drive back from visiting her in Seattle we stopped for gas, and I sneaked into the gas station bathroom to call my best friend to ask if I could stay with her a while, that I was leaving? What if I told you that when we finally, finally got to our apartment I filled a white plastic laundry basket with some clothes and other essentials and told him, “I don’t love you like you love me. I’m sorry. I’m leaving.” And I left.

What if I told you I married the man from the dream? And that we have two beautiful babies? Would you believe me?



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