Loving 2011: Day Seven

I’m participating in Lori-Lyn’s Loving 2011 project for the month of December.  Please join us!

How Did You Honor Your Body This Year?


The first thing that came to mind – I rested.  A LOT.  I pretty much always heeded that adage repeated to all mothers: “When your baby rests, rest.”

I gave up trying to get things done while he slept, except for on a rare occasion when he fell asleep in the car.  Mostly, it was me and the baby in bed for afternoon naps.  Being a terrible napper myself, I would meditate, read, surf the internet on my phone…and mostly just have blessed downtime.  As a mother and as an introvert, I *really* need this time to regroup mentally.

Occasionally (often) I would feel terrible about abandoning my older child for those hours.  For about half this year he napped at the same time.  This was great for my guilt, but eventually it stopped working for his body and our family.  He would be up REALLY late, my husband would be exhausted waiting for him to get tired and everyone was crabby.  When he gave up naps around his 5th birthday, I wasn’t sure what would happen.  Luckily/unluckily, he is happy to have his own downtime watching cartoons and movies via Netflix streaming on the Wii.  I struggle with guilt over this, but he’s happy, the baby’s sleeping and I get a break.


My body is quick to remind me when I try to do too much.  I’ve suffered at least one round of mastitis this year…maybe two.  Always when we’re too busy, when the baby’s nap schedule is disrupted and I’m not settling down to nurse enough.  I’m also prone to urinary tract infections, so I have to pay very close attention to my hydration.


I’m kind of a wellness warrior.  I love to try on new ways of being, new systems for eating.  I love to take what works for me and leave the rest of the dogma behind. I have loved finding out about veganism, vegetarianism, traditional foods, raw foods, gluten-free cooking…I think every path has a little to offer us.  I like incorporating wisdom and recipes from them all, and what we tend to end up with is a balanced diet in our house.

We purchased a juicer this year and started making green juice for breakfast a few times a week.  It’s such a light, energizing, delicious way to get the day going!  My favorite is cucumber, kale, celery, apple, and ginger.  But when my body is asking for a high protein breakfast, I happy to listen to it.  I have ideals, but AND I’m flexible.

When I found HerbMentor.com this fall, I started brewing Nourishing Herbal Infusions. (Since HerbMentor is a membership site, I’m sending you to a free resource on Infusions, in case you’d like to learn more.  Susun Weed rocks!) Mostly I infuse nettle, and I’ll add a little peppermint tea right before drinking to cut the “green” flavor a bit.  I always feel like I’m giving my body some extra love when I include an infusion in my day.

Now, if I can only figure out a way to incorporate some exercise into my life…Anyone have any tips? 🙂



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