Loving 2011: Day Two

Day Two of Loving 2011.  Not so revealing to me as yesterday, but here it is anyway. 🙂

What goals did you realize this year?

It’s maybe revealing about where I was at the beginning of this year when I say that I didn’t have any real goals.

I had kind of lame goals, like meal plan more often, spend less money on groceries, try to work exercise into my day…but like, real GOALS?  Not so much.

In January of 2011, I had a baby that was about to turn one, and a 4 ½ year old.  I had had a rough year of transitioning from one baby to two.  Breastfeeding issues, slow baby weight gain that led to so much stress that I broke out in shingles on my lower back (one of the most painful experiences of my life), broken sleep from constant nursing…so I guess my goal this year was to continue to survive and to cultivate as much space to myself as possible.

I accomplished this space in a few ways, sometimes overtly and sometimes on the sly (like, I had to trick myself into doing it 😉 ).  I wrote previously about joining Goddess Leonie’s Goddess Circle and participating in the Creative Goddess E-course, which was/is wonderful.  I also purchased a Groupon to a very local yoga studio (just a few blocks away!) and managed to make it to a few blissful classes.  And though the time of day didn’t ultimately work out for me or the family in the end, I still very much enjoyed the yoga, and even more, I’m so glad to know that it’s there in the future.

I also settled into allowing others to give me a break; namely, I visited my parents, who live three hours away, and allowed my mother to entertain my children so that I could have a few minutes, sometimes hours, to myself, to write, to explore, to visit with girlfriends and chat over delicious food.  I would always feel like these moments were stolen, like I was getting away with something and was about to be busted…but lately I’ve sort of sunk into the feeling that she is offering me a service out of love, and I wholeheartedly accept.  My boys LOVE her, they have such a good time together, and I am SO thankful.

I’m excited for 2012, to cultivate some goals that feel well tended-to, that feel like something beyond survival.


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