Loving 2011: Day Three

Day Three of Loving 2011.  I’m playing catch-up. 🙂  Soon there should only be one post a day.

What Did You Learn About Yourself This Year?

I learned that I am a writer.

I learned that I have art inside of me.

I learned that I can cook without a recipe. 🙂

I learned that I really love guided meditation.

I learned that I can let go of my perfectionism while creating art.

I learned that walks along the ocean or in the (rain) forest can be transformative.

I learned that I can survive taking risks.

I learned that I have a lot of anger surrounding constraints on my time and body.

I learned that I love thunder.

I learned that one of the ways I show love is through cooking for/feeding others.

I learned that I have a yearning for something BIG.  Something deep.  A connection, a rootedness.  It’s an ocean of yearning for something divine, without dogma, a spark of molten golden light that is screaming inside my body and spirit for some recognition, for some attention, for an outlet.  I learned that I ignore this spark at my own peril.  I learned that it’s more difficult to listen to the spark than to continue my habit of numbing myself to its existence through busyness, through planned distraction, through exhaustion.

I’m learning that deliberate ignorance of this spark is a deliberate rejection of my gift to the world, my own voice, my own version/vision of reality.

I’m learning to trust that this is true. 


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